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14 Steps to Success as a Host with Bash

1. Brainstorm good party ideas with a friend or co-host

2. Ask your neighbors if they're okay with you throwing a party (and invite them!)

3. Plan and prepare (tidy up, take pictures of the outside and inside of your place, think about food, drinks, music)

4. Check the Bash blog for party tips

5. Plan out your ideal guest list

6. Open the Bash app and click the "+" symbol to create a bash

7. Follow the steps

8. Hire services through the app (bands, DJs, door guys, security, cleaning, catering, and bartending services)

9. Charge a reasonable cover to cover costs if needed

10. Set your privacy level (public, private or semi-private)

11. Decide whether your guests can send out invitations

12. Decide if you want to see who is getting invited before they get invited

13. Send out invitations or leave it public and open

14. Have a great time, and don't forget! It's your party, you can do what you want to! :)

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