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COVID-19 Update

  1. COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the events industry, yet we persist

  2. We are talking to investors about getting the app launched sooner

  3. We believe people will feel safer going to events in peoples' homes with people they likely trust and know rather than large venues full of strangers

So this...

Is starting to look more like this...

  1. Vox states that major conferences such as E3 and SWSW plus others have been cancelled, losing the industry over a billion dollars. Giants like Airbnb and Eventbrite events are taking a big hit. According to the Guardian, Airbnb users are frustrated with the lack of support they are getting during this pandemic. Airbnb has entirely changed their Experiences portion of their app from being in-person to online-only. Eventbrite has stated that their business is suffering due to COVID-19, according to a TechCrunch article.

  2. A close friend introduced me to someone in Utah that is interested in our idea. He wants to help fund the finishing of the app without taking any equity. We are excited to see where this newfound friendship leads!

  3. The CDC is saying that we should avoid large gatherings such as concerts and festivals because the risk of getting sick is so high. We look forward to providing a way for people to still get entertainment, but in safer environments.

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