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How to Be a Good Party Guest

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

An awesome party may seem like it has everything to do with the host. And in truth, the success of the party really does live and die with its host, but there is a lot that you as a guest can do (or not do) to make a big difference in how the night goes.

Some of you might show up at the door and think you need to immediately re-enact Project X. DO NOT DO THIS. First of all, that movie came out when most of you were probably sprouting your first pube, and pulling just about any of the stunts pulled in the movie will get you 1) kicked out and 2) known for being an incredible cheeseball. The most important thing to do when attending a house party is to respect the host's property.

I repeat. The most important thing to do at a party is respect the host's space.

Here's an example of some guests that ruined an Airbnb because they thought it was cool and that Airbnb would reimburse the hosts for the cost:

The truth is actually pretty devastating...this nice old couple got left with a bunch of damage they didn't deserve and expenses they had to pay out of pocket ($20,000-$40,000 worth). This is the worst-case scenario of a house party, and it should never be what people aspire to. There are specific places for this kind of behavior, and they're called warehouses (or maybe your friend Pete's house--because Pete sucks).

Kidding aside, here is a list of DO's and DON'Ts for bash guests:


-communicate with your host

-ask to bring a friend, but tell your host if they're flakey

-bring a gift if it's a special occasion

-challenge yourself to interact with at least one new person (this is what parties are for)

-make sure you have at least one funny story or joke

-pranks (as long as they're harmless)

-be aware of your surroundings


-enjoy yourself



-be creepy

-be in the bathroom for more than 10 minutes

-be extra loud

This is just a short list, but you would be surprised how many people choose to ignore most, if not all, of these rules. And unfortunately their experience and everyone else's suffers.

So do yourself a favor. Don't be a dweeb. Follow these tips to a top-tier house party and find yourself riding the train to social success and local stardom in your neighborhood.

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