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What You Can Expect to Get from Bash

When you use Bash to plan your next house party, you're not just using another event planning service.

As a guest, Bash can be used to:

1. Make finding great parties easier

2. Be invited to exclusive house parties

3. Have unique experiences

4. Party more often

5. Filter for non-alcoholic "dry" parties or whatever you're looking for

6. Review past parties and manage upcoming ones

7. Notify you of changes to any parties you are attending

8. Create a service profile and get hired by hosts

As a host, Bash can be used to:

1. Charge a cover for entry to your event

2. Make it so only your facebook friends on Bash can see your events

3. Use stock photos to make event creation easier

4. Specify what kind of overall vibe you want the party to have

5. Specify how you want people to dress

6. List what guests can expect from the party

7. Specify how many guests you would like to have

8. Control when the party starts with a "Doors Close" option

9. Throw parties more often because you can afford it

10. Hire local entertainment and services

Most of all, Bash is about taking the pain out of partying so you can spend more time having fun and less time worrying about how you're going to make it all come together.

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