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Win $500 or have us plan your next bash for you!


Could we possibly make it any easier?

All you have to do is go to Instagram, tag @thebashapp with a post that links to the App or Play store download page for Bash Community. A winner will be picked randomly to win either $500 to spend on a bash or have Bash sponsor their next party for them (valued at $500).

What's the catch?

There is none! The picture of your post could be a screenshot of the app or anything else you would like it to be (ideally related to parties). The main thing is that you tag us with the link to download the app. But there is one thing...if you opt for the $500, we do require that you send us the receipt for what you spend on your bash, and we will reimburse you once your bash is completed if it doesn't look like you've tried to cheat the system.

That's all folks!

Here is the link for the App Store for you iPhone users:

And here is the link for the Play Store for you Android users:

Remember to tag us on IG as @thebashapp

Have fun!

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